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Well-being tasting menu

Executive Chef Alberto Fol presents a new Well-Being tasting proposal that embraces a free cuisine concept for a healthier you. Rich in taste and nutrients, this culinary journey is fat, salt and sugar free, inspired by the Venice lagoon and composed of ingredients sourced locally from Veneto.

Marine sun 

Coconut, lime and ginger soup with seed salad and stemed cereal

Sea garden 

Home-made tortelli stuffed with nettles in a light broth of seafood from the lagoon

Earth Energy, Sea Lightness 

Barbecued octopus with savory scented potatoes and asparagus with red onion and basil compote

Naturally soft 

Dark chocolate with buckwheat brownie and orange and curry “granita”

Well-being tasting menu€ 115

Service and VAT included
Cover charge not included